Annenberg People’s Choice Award Video

The Shadow Project short film was one of 5 finalists for the Explore/HATCH award, a project of The Annenberg Foundation to document organizations and individuals making a difference in the world.

The Shadow Project was honored to be among finalists, including the winning entry, about a program that treats traumatically injured solders. And we were thrilled to win the Audience Vote with 45%! The Shadow video has been posted on the website and the film will be announced as the competition’s audience winner at the upcoming Asheville Film Festival.

Thank you for your supporting this film and for supporting The Shadow Project!

Congratulations to filmmaker Carol Thomas Koon. Thank you to Social Venture Partners Portland, which funded this project. And thank you to  teachers Ann Foulger, Jolene Anderson, and Lisa Lum and their amazing students who appear on the video.

Shadow Jazz2 Benefits Shadow Project

Shadow Project Film Named International Finalist – VOTE NOW!

The Shadow Project video is one of 5 international finalists for the Explore/Hatch Award, a project of The Annenberg Foundation to document organizations and individuals striving to make a  difference in the world.

Your vote  counts! Voting ends 5 p.m. Wednesday so VOTE NOW and view the film online at  Explore Finalists.

The Shadow Project is honored to be among finalists showcasing efforts to stop Chevron’s environmental damage in Ecuador and a Ugandan girl’s fight for freedom.

Congratulations to filmmaker Carol Thomas Koon, who also donated her time. And thank you to Social Venture Partners Portland, which funded this project. And to teachers Ann Foulger, Jolene Anderson, and Lisa Lum and their amazing students who appear on the video.


Anvil Media’s pro-bono support of Shadow Project raises awareness

Anvil Media helps us “get the word out!”

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The Shadow Project Google Grant PPC Case Study

New Visitors UP 86%


The Shadow Project is a non-profit in Portland, Oregon that partners with teachers to help close the achievement gap for students with complex learning challenges. Anvil was tasked with building online brand awareness for The Shadow Project, through paid search.


Since The Shadow Project is a 501(c)(3), The Shadow Project and Anvil wanted to apply to Google Grant Program. The Google Grant offers $10,000/month of free Google AdWords advertising and would be used to increase The Shadow Project’s brand awareness and generate donations.


In a competitive non-profit community and restrictions that come with the Google Grant (max $1.00 CPC), Anvil needed to find creative ways to increase brand awareness through Google AdWords, utilizing the Google Grant.


Anvil and The Shadow Project worked together to apply for the Google Grant, researching keyword opportunities, outlining goals and determining targeting strategy for future campaigns.

Once The Shadow Project was accepted into the Google Grant Program, Anvil focused on local and national brand awareness campaigns concentrating on longtail keywords due to CPC restrictions.


After launching PPC campaigns with the Google Grant:
Traffic from Google AdWords brought in 86% new visits to the site, 26% higher than any other medium
Oregon’s state Public Health Employees selected The Shadow Project as its beneficiary of its school supply drive, after finding The Shadow Project via paid search
After finding The Shadow Project via Google AdWords volunteers, donors, businesses and organizations dealing with learning disabilities have contacted The Shadow Project asking how to become involved.