Board member Ken deLaski in the classroom


Jean Gargan, Interim President, Enterprise Analyst, IGNW
Megan Leftwich, Treasurer •
Community Volunteer
Brian Coovert, Secretary
Implementation ProgramManager, McGraw-Hill Education


Ken deLaski • President/Founder, Vibrant Village Foundation
Yetu Dumbia • Victim Advocate, Lutheran Community Services Northwest
Amy Han • Director of School and Systems Leadership Opportunities, Teach for America
Janice Holstine • Special Education Teacher, Marysville Elementary,
Portland Public School District
Lisa Lum • Retired Special Education Teacher
Caitlin Shrigley • Consultant
Tom Stenson • Deputy Legal Director, Disability Rights Oregon
Leslie Waldman • Television Producer/Production Manager

Psychologist Consultant 

Michael J. Fulop • Clinical Child Psychologist

Parent Teacher Advisory Board

Beth Brod in the classroom

Parent Teacher Advisory Board Member Beth Brod, M.S., helps a student read with his ears.

Beth Brod • Special Education Teacher, Woodmere Elementary
Sarah Drummond Hays, Parent of former Shadow Project student
Catherine Dunn, Parent, Woodstock Elementary
Paula Fahey • Retired Special Education Teacher
Gregg Flenniken, Special Education Teacher, Maplewood Elementary
Sarah Gregg, Parent, Woodstock Elementary
LaShell Holton • Special Education Teacher, Markham Elementary
Judy Matsumoto • Retired Speech-Language Pathologist
Fern Winkler-Schlesinger • Speech-Language Pathologist & Audiologist