March 2013 Newsletter

March 2013 Newsletter
March 2013
The Shadow Project
A big THANK YOU to Anvil Media for choosing us to participate in their charity poll. We’re happy to report that we will be putting more than 100 new books into the hands of special education students in our program thanks to our supporters! You’re great! Stephenson Students
Students at Stephenson Elementary set their own academic, social and behavioral goals with the help of their Shadow Project goal-setting kits Rules
“A humorous and heartwarming debut about feeling different and finding acceptance,” Rules by Cynthia Lord is teacher-recommended & Shadow student approved!




Mrs. Cooper’s Hot Cocoa Club How does one of our partner teachers ensure that her students not only show up to school on time, but a whole 30 minutes early on Monday mornings? Shannon Cooper’s secret is the Hot Cocoa Club, a weekly session devoted to helping students at Harrison Park School work on goal setting with help from their teacher and a tasty beverage! The ability to set and meet goals has been identified as a critical skill and one of six “success predictors” for students in special education. This year, Shannon and other special education teachers have been piloting The Shadow Project’s new goal-setting materials, which incorporate kid-friendly illustrations by Winky Wheeler and help make goal-setting fun and accessible for Shadow students. Students love the sense of pride and ownership they feel when setting and achieving their own goals, and teachers love that setting goals helps instill accountability and perseverance. Hot Cocoa Club provides helps students start the week off on the right foot, and with a bit of extra energy for good measure!


Teacher Voices
At The Shadow Project, we receive expert advice on the best strategies for struggling students.

Members of the Teacher Advisory Board: Shannon Cooper, Harrison Park K-8; Paula Fahey, Stephenson K-5; Ann Foulger, Maplewood K-5; Fern Winkler-Schlesinger, Stephenson K-5. Not pictured: Teresa McIntosh, James John K-5; LaShell Holton, Markham K-5.

And those experts are none other than our teachers! A fabulous group of six special education teachers and speech pathologists volunteer their time to serve on Shadow’s Teacher Advisory Board and provide invaluable input that shapes the evolution of our program. The group discusses topics related to student achievement, trends in special education, and share student success stories and strategies. Recent suggestions made by the group that are currently being integrated into the program include personalized goal-setting materials for students and the development of an online teacher portal for increased strategy sharing opportunities.


Community Supports Shadow
We’d like to welcome members of The Shadow Project Advisory Council. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, these individuals share a commitment to closing the achievement gap for students with learning challenges. To date, our members are:


Thank You for Making a Difference
The Shadow Project would like to thank our recent donors for their generous support of our 1,300 students and their extraordinary educators:

  • OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation
  • Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation
  • BP Fabric Fund of America
  • Anvil Media
  • Capitol Hill PTA
  • Stephenson PTA
  • Special education students at Capitol Hill Elementary


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City of Portland’s 2011 “Making a Difference” Award in Education

The Shadow Project
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