Dyslexia Bill has Shadow Support

Dyslexia Bill has Shadow Support

How do we help children with dyslexia overcome the shame, frustration, and defeat from struggling to read? In support of Decoding Dyslexia Oregon, Shadow Project Founder and Executive Director Christy Scattarella recently testified in Salem urging lawmakers to pass SB 612. 

Senate Bill 612 would require Oregon teachers in training at the university level to take coursework in dyslexia, for school districts to screen for dyslexia risk factors early, and for the Oregon Department of Education to have a dyslexia specialist on staff to help school districts tailor programs for young people with dyslexia.

“This bill is a wake up call to the fact that children learn differently,” said Scattarella, founder and executive director of The Shadow Project www.shadow-project.org. “We know that half of children in Oregon receiving special education services for learning-related disabilities including dyslexia, ADHD, and autism are not graduating with their peers. Currently, two-thirds of Oregon third-graders in special education do not meet reading benchmarks.

“We must give teachers the tools to identify and support children whose greatest risk is giving up. Or they’ll just keep giving up.”

Research shows that children with learning challenges like dyslexia are more likely to drop out of school, have trouble finding and maintaining employment, seek more social services, and are more likely to be incarcerated.

One in five Oregon students has dyslexia, according to Decoding Dyslexia Oregon.

You can sign Decoding Dyslexia Oregon’s petition in support of SB 612 at http://www.decodingdyslexiaor.org/

See moving testimony from Oregon Rep. Val Hoyle, one of the chief sponsors of SB 612, who spoke about her struggles with dyslexia.

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