The Shadow Project Salutes its Graduates

It’s graduation season! We’d like you to meet Chandler, a Marysville School student in the Shadow Project for two years, who is graduating from eighth grade. Struggling with ADHD, Chandler never liked to read. But then he earned a book through the Shadow Project that taught him how to play the harmonica … and he changed his mind about the printed word.

“The book we received from the Shadow store came with a harmonica, and to learn how to play the harmonica, you had to read the book,” said Janice Holstine, Marysville special education teacher. “Chandler really wanted that harmonica, so he read the book. When I saw Chandler walking down the hall reading a book … I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Chandler not only read the harmonica book, but taught himself to play a lullaby that his mother used to sing. “The harmonica book meant a lot to me because I actually got to learn an instrument that I’m now fairly good at playing,” he said.

“I like books with action and excitement and books about video games. I’ve gotten some cool books through the Shadow Project, as a reward for meeting my goals.”

Chandler, 14, will be a freshman at Gladstone High School in the fall, and we wish him well!

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