Starting School with Summer Homework Completed

Starting School with Summer Homework Completed

Bridger School Special Education Teacher Sherry Dahlen usually gives summer homework to a handful of her students. But she rarely receives any completed assignments.

Imagine her surprise when second-grader Jaylik arrived on the first day of school with two 40-page workbooks fully complete proudly saying, “I did my homework. Who do I turn this in to?”

Jaylik started last school year not knowing his alphabet and reading a grade level behind, said Sherry, who is eager to see Jaylik’s placement test scores in the coming weeks.

“It was really heartwarming and amazing that he did the work,” said Sherry, who gave Jaylik a fidget from The Shadow Project for his efforts. “If we don’t have regression, it will be worth it.”

The Shadow Project is part of Portland Public Schools’ Read Together initiative.


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