Gift of Audio Books Honors Late Sister

Gift of Audio Books Honors Late Sister

Courtney Bunfill was an aspiring special education teacher in Klamath Falls, when she died unexpectedly in September 2009. In honor of their sister’s passion and energy for children, Courtney’s three siblings—led by Portlander Kiki Grant—founded Court’s Kids to help children in special education classrooms receive new reading materials.

Kiki read The Shadow Project’s late August newsletter with a story about Rosa Parks’ Isaac, who is now hooked on reading thanks to audio books, and emailed right away. “The Shadow Project is doing wonderful things, and I saw a way we could help,” said Kiki, who persuaded her siblings to donate nearly $4,700 to The Shadow Project. 

Thanks to Court’s Kids, 10 Portland-area schools this academic year will receive a 12-month subscription to Learning Ally, to support their students on IEPs (Individualized Education Programs that provide specialized instruction for children with disabilities) and 504s (plans for children with disabilities to receive educational accommodations), as well as training for teachers to access the audio library. Each school will also receive a signed copy of The Boy Who Learned Upside Down, written by Shadow Project Founder and Executive Director Christy Scattarella, M.A., to inspire courage.

“Courtney was just finishing up her credentials to become a special education teacher,” said Kiki. “I think she would have liked the mission of The Shadow Project and we are pleased to be able to donate our funds to an organization that would have had meaning for her.”



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