Goal Setting a Focus of Shadow Seminar

Goal Setting a Focus of Shadow Seminar

One highlight for special education teachers at The Shadow Project’s recent professional development seminar was hearing from longtime Portland Public Schools’ educator Paula Fahey, M.S., on ways to easily incorporate goal setting into their curriculums.

“I was already using incentives to boost academics, but The Shadow Project is different,” said Paula, who began using the program when she was at Markham Elementary in early 2000. “I like the formality of sitting down with the children one day each month to set goals, and then to reward them for achieving their goals.”

The children in Paula’s classroom set personalized monthly goals with The Shadow Project’s goal setting kit. Goals include teeth brushing, reading out loud to their parents, or making flashcards to improve math. Paula checks in with the children three times a week to ensure they are working toward their goals, and provides “Shadow Bucks” that can be traded later for literacy supplies.

At the end of every month, Paula checks to see if the children have met their goals. Those who have met or exceeded their goal receive hot cocoa or hot apple cider to drink … while they work on setting a new goal.

“I like seeing the kids grow,” said Paula. “The Shadow Project helps provide children in special education with the belief that they can achieve!”

Click here to watch Paula’s 14-minute video on goal setting.

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