Shadow Student Receives Rigor Award

Shadow Student Receives Rigor Award

Eighth grader Justin, who has ADHD, got off to a rough start this year at Marysville School. He wasn’t working hard, and often left the classroom without asking. His special education teacher Janice Holstine, M.S., said he needed an attitude refresh.

Today, Justin’s reading comprehension has improved 55%, he has achieved his goal of thinking before acting, and he has a positive outlook, which recently earned him Marysville’s quarterly Rigor Award for determination and perseverance.

Janice said that The Shadow Project’s growth-mindset model – that effort, struggle, and even failure grow your brain – helps Justin to not give up when things go wrong for him.

“He’s starting to understand that mistakes will make his brain stronger, and that’s a good thing,” said Janice.

Part of Justin’s renewed motivation to get ready for high school is improving his reading. A sports nut who plays guard on his school’s basketball team, when Justin enters the learning center, he gravitates to the sports books provided by The Shadow Project, and starts quoting records and statistics.

“I am so excited to see his willingness to read,” said Janice. “Justin knows he is safe in here, and he has found himself once again.”

Extremely reserved, and often hiding behind a cap of bangs, Justin recently revealed a smile upon seeing a handful of Sports Illustrated magazines waiting for him to peruse in the classroom, after finishing his other work. “Thank you,” he said softly, with a shy grin.

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