Make Gel Pads with Timber Joey

Make Gel Pads with Timber Joey

Want to make a gel pad like Timber Joey, Portland’s soccer team mascot? Sensory items like gel pads help kids with ADHD, autism, and other processing disorders take a calming break, which allows them to focus on learning.

Large spaces like schools … and stadiums … can be particularly over-stimulating for kids with sensory disorders because of the lights, noise, and action that come with being around lots of people.

To make a gel pad for your classroom, or home, you’ll need:

*Clear pencil pouch that zips

*Hair gel

*Sequins, beads, or small toys


*Duct tape

Fill the pencil pouch with hair gel, about half full. Add two pinches of glitter, three pinches of sequins, and other small decorative toys. Super glue (E6000 recommended) the side of the pouch extensively, especially the area around the zipper. Then, seal the pouch on all four sides with duct tape.

Timber Joey, along with Timbers players and staff, in collaboration with The Shadow Project and two Portland Public Schools occupational therapists, recently made gel pads as part of Major League Soccer’s Week of Community Service. Dozens of the gel pads are on their way to Shadow classrooms. And the remaining pads are now available in PGE Park’s guest services center for anyone who needs a time out.

“I think it’s important that we provide this kind of comfort to anybody coming through our doors who needs it so they have a fuller experience at the stadium,” said Timber Joey.




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