Shadow Sparks Reading at Shaver

Shadow Sparks Reading at Shaver

Last fall, the students in Micah Goran’s room weren’t electing to read. But when the Shaver Elementary School special education teacher initiated a reading challenge, with the help of The Shadow Project, every child participated, and read from 30 to 100 books.

“The reading challenge was amazing,” said Mr. Goran. “It was even better than I thought it would be. We were at the point with one student where he wouldn’t even read to himself. He finished Shiloh in three days, and then read more than 70 other books.”

Said Wallace, who read more than 80 books during the three-month challenge: “I liked the contest. It was worth it. I think it made me work harder.”

Each student’s progress was tracked in a reading log developed by Shadow and students received Shadow Bucks, depending upon how many books they read. Five times during the three months, the students were able to use their Bucks to purchase literacy and school supplies, gifts, and sensory items at the Shadow Store.

“The kids really cared about the challenge, which was good,” said Mr. Goran. “The Shadow Project was a great partner in helping to make the challenge so motivating.




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