National Reading Champions!

National Reading Champions!

Two students at Woodmere Elementary ranked in the top 5 percentile of students from nearly 1,000 elementary schools nationwide in a competition for nontraditional readers. Fifth graders Esnoy and Eric are graduates of Shadow’s Reading Mentors Program, which pairs students with a mentor and assistive reading technology designed for children with learning challenges.

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Nearly 200 students in The Shadow Project are celebrating their success in Learning Ally’s Great Reading Games, a national competition for students who use assistive reading technology.  Students from Markham, Bridger, Rosa Parks, Duniway, Abernethy, and Woodmere schools in Portland and Patton Middle School in McMinnville competed in a seven-week reading challenge using an audio-visual library that allows children to see and hear books simultaneously and adapt the system to their learning needs. The students read a total of 65,521 audiobook pages, with Woodmere finishing in the top 12% of elementary schools across the country.

Research has found that increased reading time is the highest correlated activity for children achieving reading benchmarks, a key predictor of  graduation. An analysis by Learning Ally found that Shadow students spend more than twice the time reading compared to national expectations for 100,000 students nationwide who use the audio-visual technology.

The Shadow Project has been hosting science-themed ice-cream celebrations for families at  each school to honor our students’ perseverance and reading success.

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