Join The Shadow Project’s Community Advisory Board!

Join The Shadow Project’s Community Advisory Board!

Are you a parent, guardian, teacher, or community member that is concerned with providing high quality education for children with learning challenges? Do you have specific knowledge, skills, talents, or a motivation to be more invested in the educational achievement of children in your community? If so, we invite you to join The Shadow Project’s Community Advisory Board.

Who We Are
It is the mission of The Shadow project to make school more accessible and engaging for children who contend with challenges that affect their ability to learn, such as dyslexia, autism, ADHD. Our programs are focused on enhancing positive learning experiences through goal setting, reading mentorship, and fulfilling sensory needs with the use of tools that help students achieve their fullest potential. Shadow’s Community Advisory Board enables and empowers community members to participate in the planning and integration of our programs into the public school system. The focus of this board is to engage community members in the continuous improvement of our programming, through an anti-poverty and equity lens that prioritizes culturally responsive program design and implementation.

The board meets one to two times a year, and works to maintain the objectivity and comprehensiveness of Shadow programming. The opportunity to contribute is multi-faceted and encourages a co-creative environment. For instance, members could get involved by facilitating advocacy, attending outreach events, making connections and being active on social media. Members are also invited to provide input on program elements giving feedback about what is or isn’t working, what’s needed or may be overlooked, and be involved with the review of written materials – centering the voices of each member’s unique perspective.

Board membership provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, gain advocacy experience, collaborate in non-profit work, refine leadership skills, and expand the mission of helping underserved children on a broader scale. All together, we will do this work by engaging with each other in a fun, creative and social environment.

Get in Touch
If you are interested in being a part of The Shadow Project’s Community Advisory Board, or if you would like more information about Shadow programs for your school, please complete this questionnaire. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Christina Bazzaroni, Community Connections Specialist, Thank you!

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