Lisa Lum, M.A., Board Member

The Shadow Project Lisa Lum Special Education Teacher

Retired Special Education Teacher

Lisa spent the past 30 years teaching in the Portland Public School district, at Sitton Elementary in North Portland, retiring in 2016. During her tenure, she served students in special education with a variety of physical and cognitive challenges such as cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, Down’s Syndrome, autism, and behavioral issues. She remains a frequent substitute in special education in the Portland Public School district.

Lisa joined The Shadow Project board in 2016 to introduce more people to the organization’s mission of supporting teachers who have children with learning challenges. “The Shadow Project did so much for my kids, that I want to give back,” said Lisa. “As a teacher, I’ve seen the positives and I want to share how it can work for other teachers in helping to motivate children who often don’t get recognized in the classroom for their achievements.”