Keeping Our Children Engaged in Learning During COVID-19

Children with disabilities have tremendous potential. But, they are also at the highest risk of profound learning loss during a prolonged school closure. In response, we adapted versions of Shadow Project’s classroom-based programs for use at home. We’re working closely with special education teachers and equipping families with resources, too. 

School Programs

Virtual Goal-Setting: Students are empowered to set and meet their academic and social goals at home. They can earn rewards from Shadow Project that reinforce their efforts, such as gift cards, books and art supplies.

Virtual Reading Support: To keep students engaged in reading at home, our trained mentors lead virtual book club-style meetings using assistive technology that makes books come alive for struggling readers. These weekly groups provide connection and belonging, helping students to persevere with reading under challenging circumstances.

Family Resources

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Video: Raising a Confident Reader During COVID

Sharon Juenemann, M.Ed., Shadow’s Director of Programs shares ideas to keep kids reading during school or learning disruptions, in response to parent concerns that their children are losing academic and social-emotional skills during the pandemic. Produced in partnership with Providence’s Swindells Resource Center.

Webinar: Conversation with an Expert: Targeted Reward Systems for Neuro-Diverse Kids

As kids and families get ready for continued online learning in September and beyond, parents and caregivers wonder how to keep children focused and motivated to learn. Local psychologist Michael Fulop, Psy.D., joined us for a practical webinar on the use of rewards to foster motivation, self-regulation, and lower frustration with homework and schoolwork.

NEW Summer Program: Goal Setting at Home (July 27-August 21)

Are you looking for ways to keep your child learning over the summer? Could your child benefit by setting behavioral, reading or personal goals? Join our free, virtual program to receive video tutorials on goal-setting, worksheets for kids, tips to keep kids motivated, access to a private parent community, and more. At the end of the session, participating kids get to shop in a free, online store with prizes to celebrate their hard work.

Registration is closed.

Webinar: Conversation with an Expert: Fostering Healthy Rhythms for Screen Time

Katie Stevenson of Syllabee shares practical strategies for reducing unhealthy dependence on screen time. Katie likens screen time to sugary foods, and provides ideas for other fulfilling activities children can enjoy alongside screen time to develop healthier rhythms.

Video: How to Support Kids at Home with Goal Setting

Sharon Juenemann, M.Ed., Shadow’s Director of Programs shares goal-setting strategies to support your child’s behavior, motivation, and confidence. Sharon is also the parent of children with learning challenges. Produced in partnership with Providence’s Swindells Resource Center, supporting families of children with special needs throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

Video: How to Meet Your Child’s Sensory Needs

Sharon Juenemann and occupational therapist Jessica Wade, M.S., OTR/L share strategies on using sensory tools to reduce anxiety and develop calm and focus. Jessica owns The Wiggle Room, an inclusive indoor play space in NE Portland. Produced in partnership with Providence’s Swindells Resource Center.

Resource List: Supporting Children’s Learning & Well-being at Home

Shadow Project compiled these culturally-responsive, trauma-informed resources appropriate for children with learning challenges. Includes tips on navigation and age-appropriateness.

“Our commitment to the success & well-being of children with learning challenges will not stop with this pandemic. We will continue our work with schools, teachers and our community while prioritizing everyone’s safety and health.”

Christy Scattarella, Founder & Executive Director