Our Partner Schools

The Shadow Project is proud to partner with schools in Portland Public, Beaverton, Centennial, McMinnville, Reynolds, and Salem-Keizer school districts to unleash the potential of K-8 children who learn differently.

“Having the SuperSensory Spaces helps my school move away from exclusionary practices. It is part of our multi-tiered system of support.” 

Katherine Polizos, principal, Portland

“With the support of The Shadow Project, I have seen most of my 4th and 5th graders become readers and decode at grade level!” 

Beth Brod, special education teacher, Portland

“The Shadow Project has been a tremendous support to our special education program.  We are excited to strengthen our partnership with the Reading Mentors program, where students achieve reading goals with support from a volunteer mentor.”

Sarah Shields, principal, Reynolds

“As the Principal of Fir Grove Elementary, I have witnessed firsthand the impact of social emotional learning has on academics. By having opportunities to identify and process their emotions, and providing a space for students to discharge built-up anxiety or frustration, students can be ready to learn.”

Erin Miles, principal, Beaverton

“The Sensory Space initiative increases our capacity to respond to social-emotional needs from a strengths-based, multicultural perspective.” 

Dr. Paul Coakley, superintendent, Centennial

“Having the SuperSensory Space provides our students with proactive ways to discharge built up stress and anxiety that children with high ACE scores experience.”

Terry Marchyok, assistant principal, Portland