From Principals

Tamala Newsome, Principal

“The Shadow Project is a vital partner. Our kids have the TOOLS to access learning, and our teachers have the TRAINING to help them. That’s how you EMPOWER children.”

—Tamala Newsome, Principal, Rosa Parks Elementary School

“Our students with disabilities are seeing themselves as readers. I see them perform at higher rates, and take part in extra reading activities. They’re so excited when they meet their goal. They feel like they belong in the school community.”

—Katherine Polizos, Principal, Woodmere Elementary

Amber Gerber, Principal

“With The Shadow Project, our students who are struggling have more resources that support their social emotional, and sensory needs, and greater access to reading. And I love the goal setting! It helps students take ownership of their learning.”

—Amber Gerber, Principal, Chief Joseph Elementary

“Our children (in special education) are reading more and improving their reading.”

—Sam Regasis principal, James John Elementary

“The Shadow Project is so responsive, and the resources are marvelous from the high-interest text, to the coziness of the SuperSensory Literacy Space. None of our students resist going to the Learning Center. Shadow Project has been a valuable contributor to student confidence, motivation and reading.”

—Dana Nerenberg, Principal Sitton