From Teachers

Kim Giarelli

“Thanks to the launch of the SuperSensory Literacy Space, we have seen an increased awareness and acceptance of children’s sensory needs. Some teachers used to think that “fidgets” were toys, but they now understand that when used correctly, fidgets are extremely useful educational tools. In fact, several teachers have indicated that they would like to borrow our fidgets and other multi-sensory tools for their regular classrooms…and not just for children with identified learning disabilities! This is a huge culture shift at Rosa Parks.”

—Kim Giarelli, M.S., Special Education Teacher, Rosa Parks Elementary

Betsy Shaughnessey

“This year, the Shadow Project provided a SuperSensory Literacy Space for our special education classroom. It is packed with great resources such as the most popular books for all reading levels, sensory tools such as fidgets, weighted lap pads and wiggle seats, and comfortable bean bags. Our students use this area as a calm space to read books, read Learning Ally audio books, or just relax when they need a break. I feel so thankful and grateful that we have this space and wish all schools could have a space like this at their schools.”

—Betsy Shaughnessy, Speech-Language Pathologist, Bridger Elementary

Beth Brod“The Shadow Project brought our children a comprehensive audio library. Now our children have access to the material that their peers take for granted, and we are seeing increased confidence and unprecedented interest in reading from students who “read with their ears” and follow text on a tablet. For many kids, this is a life-changing moment. The audiobooks have also provided access for many of these students to compete for the first time in school-wide and national reading contests.”

—Beth Brod, M.S., Woodmere Elementary