Welcoming our new Spanish/English Program Assistant!

Please join us in welcoming our new Spanish & English Programs Assistant, Olivia Olivia!

Olivia smiling and holding a terrier chihuahua
Olivia and her best friend, Karl Barx, a friendly terrier chihuahua

Olivia is an experienced writer and interpreter with a passion for social justice and narrative solutions. She joins us to help focus on equity within The Shadow Project, and specifically to offer culturally and socially sensitive materials and translations to Spanish-speakers in our community.

Olivia is proud to be a native Spanish-speaker with Salvadoran roots, and has lived in Berlin, England, Canada, Central America, Alaska, California, and of course, Portland. Her passion for ADHD and learning-difference advocacy has allowed her to work with the Multnomah County Health Department and Project Eye-to-Eye, among other places, and she is proud to have graduated with a BA in Creative Writing from Reed College in ‘09.

Currently, Olivia is working on translating materials for The Great Reading Games, an event that encourages students in our Reading Mentors program to reach their reading goals for rewards, so that Spanish speaking families have information on ways students can participate from home. She is also working with other team members to evaluate places where The Shadow Project can further engage with Spanish speaking community members at large.

When not working, you can find Olivia reading or playing with her best friend, Karl Barx, a friendly terrier chihuahua who carries on Shadow’s learning mission to this day. You can read more about her writing and legal advocacy work at oliviawrites.com.

We are so excited to have Olivia join our team! With her assistance we hope to make our programs and website more accessible, navigable, and welcoming for Spanish speaking students and families.

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