School Programs

School Programs to
Empower Students with Disabilities

The Shadow Project partners with schools to increase educational opportunities for the 1 in 5 students with learning and attention challenges. Using our programs, students develop strong academic habits, master social emotional skills, and gain up to two years in their reading ability.

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Our programs are fully adapted for remote and hybrid learning environments, and include culturally responsive, trauma informed training for educators.

resources for students with disabilities

“The Shadow Project is a vital partner. Our kids have the tools to access learning, and our teachers have the training to help them. That’s how you empower children.”

Tamala Newsome
Retired Principal, Portland Public Schools

Three Proven Programs to Fuel Student Success

learning challenges are cast away with shadow project's learning disability school programs


Equips special education teachers with a powerful curriculum and resources that put students in the driver’s seat of their own education. As students work towards ambitious goals, they build confidence, motivation, and perseverance — positive habits that will last a lifetime.
Student & Mentor Laughing in the Classroom, learning disability school programs


Pairs children with assistive technology designed for their needs that makes books come alive, plus trained mentors who encourage their progress. This powerful combination leads to increased comprehension, proficiency and a newfound love of reading.
provide sensory spaces for learning challenged students


School staff are trained to help students identify and manage their emotions, by taking structured breaks to use tools in SuperSensory Spaces. Kids build skills to reduce the impact of anxiety and frustration, so they can be calm and focused in class.

“The Shadow Project's Sensory Space program increases our district's capacity to respond to social-emotional needs from a strengths-based, multicultural perspective.”

Dr. Paul Coackley
Superintendent, Centennial School District

Student Outcomes

By collaborating with teachers, The Shadow Project helps students strengthen academic and social emotional skills critical to succeed in school and in life.
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of students increase at least 1 grade level in reading, improving likelihood of high school graduation



of students improve self regulation, boosting children’s ability to pay attention and participate in class, and decreasing behavior that disrupts learning



of teachers report students are more motivated to reach academic goals, and they believe in their ability to succeed

sped resource teacher

“I have seen most of my 4th and 5th graders become readers and decode at grade level.”

Beth Brod
Special Education Teacher, Portland Public Schools


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