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Your Child Can Thrive in School

Parents, you know better than anyone how much potential your child has. You also know what can happen when their learning needs aren’t met.

The Shadow Project teams with teachers to transform school into a place where kids who learn differently can learn, belong and thrive.

Kids with dyslexia, ADHD, autism and related challenges in our program have become classroom leaders, mentors and national reading champions.

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online learning for adhd students

Setting Goals with Your Child

Download our PDF guide that will help you motivate your student to succeed in school, homework, and family activities.

Targeted Reward Systems for
Neurodiverse Kids
Webinar (1 hour, 2 minutes)
Fostering Healthy Rhythms IRL: Strategies to Reduce Unhealthy Dependence on Screen Time
Webinar (59 minutes)
Raising a Confident Reader During COVID
Video (12:38)
Easy Sensory Tools & Routines at Home
Video (19:57)
Supporting Kids at Home with Goal Setting
Video (15:15)
Apoyando a los Niños en Casa a Establecer Metas
Vídeo (15:15)
Estableciendo Metas
Con Su Hijo
(Descargar PDF)

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Bring The Shadow Project to Your School

Our classroom based and virtual programs will help your child’s school transform into a place where children with learning challenges find academic success and belonging.

learning challenges are cast away with shadow project's learning disability school programs


Goal setting fosters your child’s good work habits to succeed in school and life.
Student & Mentor Laughing in the Classroom, learning disability school programs


Caring mentors + assistive reading technology helps your child explore their world through reading, boosting reading proficiency and a love of books.
provide sensory spaces for learning challenged students


Sensory Spaces empower your child to find calm and stay focused in class so they can learn and achieve.


Our Stories

``Our kids with disabilities are reminded of their deficits every day. But with The Shadow Project, instead of feeling shame for being in special education, my son felt proud. There’s nothing in schools that celebrates kids’ strengths like this.``

Tara M.
6th grade parent

Bring The Shadow Project to Your School

Contact us to learn more. We will be in touch to answer your questions or schedule an informational meeting.


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    The Shadow Project is dedicated to making school more accessible and engaging for children with learning challenges, so they can achieve their full potential.

    Working together, we can end the bias and low expectations that are the barriers to their success. Let’s make school a place where all children can thrive and belong.