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Five SuperSensory Spaces Installed in Centennial Schools

We all experience dysregulation—can you think of a time when your body felt like it needed a deep breath, a stretch, or to slow down?

For many students who learn differently, it’s easier to become dysregulated or to arrive at school that way. Students who are emotionally dysregulated may refuse to do work or sit still. They also might express their frustration verbally or physically.

Centennial School District partnered with The Shadow Project to provide better support to students when they are stressed, anxious or dysregulated.

Since October, The Shadow Project installed five SuperSensory Spaces at Parklane, Powell Butte, Meadows, Oliver and Patrick Lynch schools. Two more installations are planned at Pleasant Valley and Butler Creek in the coming months.

Students take structured breaks in these spaces, guided by school staff. Each space contains hand-held fidgets, equipment for physical activities, and suggested courses based on how students are feeling. For bigger emotions, jumping or resistance exercises may be appropriate. To find calm and focus before returning to class, students may do yoga, breathe, or build with small LEGOs.

Teachers are empowered to use the program to show students how to notice when they are upset and calm themselves when they feel out of control.

Jennifer Park, Director of Programs, has trained 210 school staff on using the Sensory Space program to respond to students who are dysregulated. She helps teachers connect with their own sensory needs, and look at how referrals and suspensions impact students with disabilities and students of color.

“Throughout the pandemic, Centennial has focused on the academic and social-emotional needs of students. The Shadow Project has been instrumental in supporting these efforts.”

Denise Wright, Director of Student Services


Thank you to our partner CareOregon for supporting the Sensory Space program in the Centennial School District. Click here to learn more.


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