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Bailey Perseveres with Learning in Pandemic

When COVID-19 struck, Bailey, a Portland fourth-grader, was nervous. Bailey has learning disabilities that make reading and writing difficult. On top of that, now she had to learn from home in a virtual classroom, which quickly became the reality for all Oregon students last spring.

Offering advice for other kids, Bailey says, “There are a lot of other people with the same challenges as you, just like me. You shouldn’t feel alone. Be proud of how hard you’re working. Shadow Project motivated me to work even harder to reach my goals.”

Bailey’s family is thrilled with her reading and writing progress since her school began partnering with Shadow Project one year ago. During the pandemic, she continued to persevere with online classes, with Shadow Project motivating and celebrating her effort along the way.

“We’re so excited to see Bailey’s new commitment to learning. She has been very proud of her accomplishments and Shadow has helped to keep her focused on her goals.”

Heidi Lutz, Bailey’s mom


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