Deborah Dogba

Board Member

CEO of Business Seals Consulting Firm, LLC

Deborah Dogba, widely known as the “Business Seal,” is a global leader and organizational strategist dedicated to delivering effective solutions for businesses. With a strong educational background in Business Administration, Banking, and Financial Markets, as well as organizational psychology, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her endeavors. As the CEO of Business Seals Consulting Firm, LLC, Deborah is a passionate advocate for BIPOC communities, supporting them on their entrepreneurial journeys. Her expertise as a certified John Maxwell Business Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer, and Speaker contributes to her commitment to excellence and success. Deborah’s impact extends to Afro Swag Media & Magazine, an outlet that showcases the accomplishments of BIPOC community members. Through her tireless efforts, Deborah continues to positively transform businesses and uplift communities on a global scale.

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