Why Les Schwab Tires Sponsors The Shadow Project

Aaron Smithers, Les Schwab Tires Store Manager in Portland, OR, explains why supporting The Shadow Project is more important now than ever. Les Schwab generously sponsors seven Portland schools to receive our Reading Mentoring program.

Reading Mentoring pairs K-8 students who are struggling to read with a volunteer Reading Mentor for weekly meetings to set reading goals and celebrate progress. Students in the program learn to use an assistive reading technology that makes books come alive by allowing students to read with their eyes and ears.

Reading Mentoring is a proven program: 82% of students who are up to three years behind gain at least one grade level in reading, including 13% who increase two grade levels (2019-20). Mentored students also increase confidence around reading and grow a love of books.

Your business can join Les Schwab to improve educational outcomes for students with learning disabilities. Learn more about sponsoring your local school.

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