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A mother, Rebecca, and son, John, smiling and playing with a small dog

“It’s a chance to partner with your child”

Rebeccas Green is a big supporter of The Shadow Project as a donor, volunteer, and parent to a Shadow Project student, John. Read about her and John’s journey with goal setting and why they’re excited about our Summer Goal Setting Program.

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Sign up for Summer Goal Setting

Learn about The Shadow Project’s Summer Goal Setting Program and keep your kids motivated to work toward their goals and practice positive behaviors after school lets out for the year.

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New Board Members

In the past few months we have welcomed some wonderful new members to our Board of Directors. We’re so excited to be joined by these individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills, and communities who all care about our mission of making schools more accessible for children with learning challenges.

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Difficult Transitions: Rethinking Seasonal Changes through the Lens of Neurodiversity Part II

Seasonal changes bring both delight and distinct challenges as they disrupt daily routines. For some neurodivergent individuals, these transitions can pose unique difficulties, particularly when it comes to sensory sensitivities. In this post, we will explore how some neurodivergent individuals may experience and navigate seasonal changes that impact their daily routines.

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