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Les Schwab Sponsors Reading Mentors in 7 Portland Schools, to Improve Literacy and Reading Enthusiasm


Les Schwab knows many children who learn differently are struggling with the shift to virtual learning while schools remained physically closed.

Les Schwab is proud to support The Shadow Project, whose Reading Mentoring program is continuing to reach students virtually. The program provides peer connection and pairs students with a positive, caring adult mentor to boost engagement with reading.

As students reach reading goals and share favorite stories, they improve their reading skills and stay resilient amidst the pandemic.

“Kelly Elementary wants to express deep appreciation to Les Schwab Tires. Accessing distance learning can be very challenging for some students but with the support of the amazing Reading Mentors, students at Kelly are strengthening their reading skills and building a love of books.”

Terry Marchyok, Assistant Principal, Kelly Elementary School

Les Schwab Tires has always been a hero in our community. This year, they are sponsoring The Shadow Project’s Reading Mentoring program at seven elementary schools in the Portland Metro. This program pairs struggling readers with assistive technology and a caring, volunteer mentor to set reading goals and celebrate progress.

Les Schwab is enabling promising students to jump up to two years in their reading ability, championed by a mentor and a program that sets high expectations.

Thank you, Les Schwab!

Student reading with a Shadow Project mentor

“Thanks to Les Schwab, many of my students are getting excited about reading for the first time in their lives.”

Sharon Little, Special Education Teacher, Wilkes Elementary School

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Les Schwab deepened their commitment to students in The Shadow Project by delivering program materials to Portland area schools.

Members from 9 local Les Schwab Tire Centers delivered packages to 25 schools, greatly supporting the organization’s essential operations.

Special education teachers were excited to receive their specialized resources from The Shadow Project, hand delivered by their neighborhood Les Schwab member.

Learn more about corporate volunteering at The Shadow Project.

“Reading Mentors helped my child read regularly, work hard toward a goal and develop self confidence.”

Gina Stack, parent of a student in The Shadow Project


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