Our Commitment to Equity

At The Shadow Project, we see how students thrive in classrooms built around dignity and belonging. That’s why we’re committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our work.


  • Student Stories: Using videos to uplift authentic stories from our students. Providing space for students with learning challenges to be seen and heard.

  • Internal Equity Audit: Engaging our diverse staff, Board, and community advisors to evaluate our internal policies and practices using an equity lens. Producing an actionable plan to improve and measure our success in advancing racial equity in education.

  • Trainings: Increasing and improving our trainings for educators, volunteers, and parents to reflect best practices of culturally responsive and trauma informed support for students.

  • Partnerships: Strengthening and developing partnerships with community organizations, to more effectively support students and to increase pathways for BIPOC parents and community members to lead on educational issues that affect their children.

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The Shadow Project is dedicated to making school more accessible and engaging for children with learning challenges, so they can achieve their full potential.

Working together, we can end the bias and low expectations that are the barriers to their success. Let’s make school a place where all children can thrive and belong.

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