Dyslexia, A Very Different Journey for BIPOC Students

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. This is close to our hearts at Shadow Project. We hear from parents every day who see their kids struggling with reading due to disabilities, and we know that in Oregon just 22% of 3rd graders with disabilities are proficient in reading. But here’s what we

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Why Les Schwab Tires Sponsors The Shadow Project

Aaron Smithers, Les Schwab Tires Store Manager in Portland, OR, explains why supporting The Shadow Project is more important now than ever. Les Schwab generously sponsors seven Portland schools to receive our Reading Mentoring program. Reading Mentoring pairs K-8 students who are struggling to read with a volunteer Reading Mentor

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Newsletter: September 2020

“My advice for other kids is to feel good about yourself. Other people have challenges too. You should feel great about yourself and the way you are.” —Bailey Lutz, Student of the Month A Message from Our New Board President I am a single mother who works full time. My oldest child

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How Do Reading Mentors Support Kids with Learning Challenges?

By Sydney Clevenger Grade levels behind in reading, Freddy* wasn’t sure where he fit in at his Portland, OR elementary school. It was particularly hard when the rest of the class was reading silently and all Freddy could do was sit and watch because his learning challenge made reading a

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