The Shadow Project Empowers Students During COVID-19 Remote Learning

teaching children with dyslexia

How Do Reading Mentors Support Kids with Learning Challenges?

Grade levels behind in reading, Freddy* wasn’t sure where he fit in at his Portland, OR elementary school. It was particularly hard when the rest of the class was reading silently and all Freddy could do was sit and watch because his learning challenge made reading a struggle. Read what made a difference for Freddy and his classmates.

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how to help my dyslexic child at home

3 Ways to Empower Students in Special Education

Children rarely have much power over their lives. They are told what time to get up, what to eat for breakfast, who their teachers are, what classes they must attend, and so on. This can be especially true for students in special education who often struggle in school, and receive even more academic and behavioral instruction. […]

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