Our Services

We support teachers to foster an inclusive environment for children with learning challenges. Click here for information about bringing Shadow to your schoolOur services include:

Goal-Setting Program

A positive reinforcement system that 92% of teachers say motivates discouraged students and accelerates their rate of learning.

Current Shadow teachers, click here to access our free online Shadow Store.

SuperSensory Literacy Spaces 

Multi-sensory, multi-cultural libraries that equip diverse learners for reading success with books tailored to their needs, and sensory tools that foster self-regulation and focus. We also provide sensory spaces that meet children’s large motor movement needs. Watch how these spaces work here.

High-Tech Reading Program

We match students–often three years behind in reading–with trained, caring mentors and assistive technology designed for those with disabilities that impact learning. With 15-minute mentoring sessions at least once a week, students quickly become independent users of reading technology, and boost their scores an average of one full grade level. Watch one student’s journey to reading success here.