Our Services

Goal setting in the classroom

Sensory learning spaces help students focusThe Shadow Project partners with teachers and schools to provide:

*A goal-setting program for special education classrooms that motivates discouraged learners, models executive functioning, and accelerates learning.

*SuperSensory Literacy Spaces,◊ cozy, multi-sensory libraries tailored to children who learn differently. The sensory spaces contain print and audiobooks that kids with learning challenges can read with their eyes or ears, along with fidgets, kinetic sand, nubby cushions, and other items designed to instill self-regulation, calm, and focus. Sensory spaces are used for timed breaks, reading, classwork, and testing.

*Sensory training and kits for teachers to ensure children with learning challenges have access to what they need throughout their school day so they can keep up with their peers.

*Audio library and family reading engagement to encourage students with learning challenges to read outside of school.

*Professional development opportunities to orient and train teachers on how to incorporate sensory and goal setting into their classrooms.

*Access to the free online Shadow Store that contains high-low, multicultural, nonfiction and multi-sensory books, literacy supplies, and other reinforcers to celebrate small milestones as kids’ work toward academic and social goals.

*Comprehensive 1:1 and small group support in special education classrooms for students with learning challenges utilizing audiobooks.


◊Creation of our SuperSensory Literacy Spaces is supported, in part, by funding from the Oregon Cultural Trust.