Our Services

Goal setting in the classroom

We partner with schools to foster a conducive and inclusive learning environment for children with learning challenges. Services include:

Goal-Setting Program for special education classrooms that builds confidence, courage and critical thinking skills while accelerating learning. Teachers can access our free online store of reinforcers such as high interest, multicultural, and multisensory books to celebrate small milestones.

SuperSensory Literacy Spaces are compact multisensory libraries filled with an array of reading and sensory materials that honor diverse learning styles. Designed to foster self-regulation skills, calm, and focus, SuperSpaces are used for timed breaks, reading, classwork, and testing.

Audio Library that makes books come alive for struggling readers. Shadow provides reading support for students, technical support for teachers and workshops for families to increase reading at home using assistive technology.

Professional Development for school staff on universal access to sensory tools for students throughout their school day, so they can better access learning and build the self-regulation and executive functioning skills to thrive in the classroom. Each classroom receives a sensory tool-kit.

SuperSensory Literacy Spaces are supported in part by the Oregon Cultural Trust.