New Board Members

In the past few months we have welcomed some wonderful new members to our Board of Directors. We’re so excited to be joined by these individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills, and communities who all care about our mission of making schools more accessible for children with learning challenges.

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Aaron Barlin

Co-founder Emergent Change | DEI Consulting

Aaron Barlin (he/they) is a high school teacher turned DEI strategist, co-founder of Emergent Change | DEI Consulting. Aaron now expands classroom strategies to organizational changemaking—an intersectional subject that necessitates lifelong learning and pedagogical prowess.

With an M.S.Ed in urban teaching and dialogic learning from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a history of statewide leadership in California’s teachers union, Aaron centers community action in his practice.

Alongside his consulting, Aaron is faculty at the Rex and Margaret Fortune School of Education in Sacramento, where he coaches teachers around integrating social justice standards and social-emotional learning competencies.

Claire Blaylock

Claire Blaylock

Nonprofit Fundraising & Advocacy Consultant

Claire Blaylock is a nonprofit leader with over a decade of experience working with institutions of all sizes. As an Executive Director, Claire specialized in organizational growth, program development, and change management. She has a history of securing large scale funding and building institutional support from a broad range of stakeholders. In 2017 Claire was selected as a Getty Foundation Next Generation Leadership Fellow, which afforded her the opportunity to study with leading arts and management professionals from around the country. Locally, she has served as the board president of the Oregon Museums Association and a board member for the Willamette Falls Heritage Area Coalition. She is currently consulting for nonprofits in the greater Portland metro area including The Shadow Project and the Portland Revels. She is also the Legislative Liaison for the Oregon Arts and Culture Caucus.

Deborah Dogba

CEO of Business Seals Consulting Firm, LLC

Deborah Dogba, widely known as the “Business Seal,” is a global leader and organizational strategist dedicated to delivering effective solutions for businesses. With a strong educational background in Business Administration, Banking, and Financial Markets, as well as organizational psychology, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her endeavors. As the CEO of Business Seals Consulting Firm, LLC, Deborah is a passionate advocate for BIPOC communities, supporting them on their entrepreneurial journeys. Her expertise as a certified John Maxwell Business Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer, and Speaker contributes to her commitment to excellence and success. Deborah’s impact extends to Afro Swag Media & Magazine, an outlet that showcases the accomplishments of BIPOC community members. Through her tireless efforts, Deborah continues to positively transform businesses and uplift communities on a global scale.

Rikki Drews

Special Education Coach/TOSA, Gresham Barlow School District

Rikki Drews is an education professional with 14+ years of experience, specializing in diverse school settings. With a focus on equitable access to education, Rikki thrives on fostering inclusive learning environments. Originally hailing from Maryland, Rikki has cultivated extensive professional experience across various regions throughout the country. She is a zealous advocate for marginalized students, crafting tailored instructional strategies and support services. Rikki’s consultancy work amplifies their impact, collaborating on effective programs for underserved communities. With expertise in special educational roles and as a consultant Rikki brings valuable insights to every project. Committed to advancing the rights of all individuals, she prioritizes historically underserved and marginalized communities.

Austin Erikson

New Board Treasurer

Senior Financial Analyst, Hubspot

Prior to working in commercial banking with an emphasis in financial analysis, Austin obtained a graduate degree in economics from South Dakota State University. He now works at Hubspot as a senior financial analyst. Having close relatives with ADHD, he has witnessed the dissonance between traditional classroom practices and the needs of neurodivergent students. With his experience in finance, Austin hopes to contribute to The Shadow Project’s continued expansion into new school districts.

Emily Hausman

Lead Writer at NMQ Digital

A seasoned creative project manager, editor and writer, Emily joined NMQ Digital as their first copywriter in 2019 where she served multiple health care and retail clients. Prior to that she held various contract marketing and production management roles on the east coast before marketing children’s books at Disney Publishing Worldwide in Los Angeles. Born in Oregon and raised in California, she attended undergrad and graduate school in Portland, Oregon where she now resides with her family.

JaNae Haymond

Director Pharmacy Analytics and Intelligence, SpendMend

JaNae Haymond (she/her) has worked primarily in the healthcare industry for most of her career, primarily in non-profit healthcare systems. She has also served in various volunteer roles over the years with a focus on children and the elderly. JaNae has two children in the Portland Public School system and is passionate about supporting our public schools to ensure appropriate and equitable access to education and related resources.

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