Our Programs

A third grade student works on a goal-setting worksheet at his desk in school

The Shadow Project partners with schools to close the achievement gap for the 1 in 5 children with learning and attention challenges. Students develop strong academic habits, master self-regulation skills and gain up to two years in their reading ability. All programs include culturally-responsive and trauma-informed educator training.

Reading Mentors pairs struggling readers with assistive reading technology and trained mentors, fostering reading engagement and proficiency. 

  • 71% of students increase 1 grade level, including 14% who gain 2 years in reading
  • 90% of special education teachers report their students are more independent readers, and have fewer behavior issues
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SuperSensory Spaces provide access to social-emotional supports that reduce the impact of trauma, anxiety and frustration, so chronically-stressed students can access the core curriculum.

  • 78% of students with persistent behavior challenges reduce time being highly disregulated 
  • 90% of teachers report reduced time spent managing student behavior
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Goal Setting equips special education teachers with powerful tools they incorporate into their daily curricula that build confidence and perseverance, and drive academic success.

  • 90% of students report they continue trying even when school is difficult
  • 93% of teachers report increased teaching time
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