Schools We Serve

Shadow Project Demographics
In 2017-18, The Shadow Project is serving a record 1,630 students in 38 schools in the Portland-area, and McMinnville. Our current schools are:

Portland Public Schools

Abernethy Elementary*
Astor K-8
Boise-Eliot/Humboldt PK-8
Bridger K-8
Buckman Elementary
Capitol Hill Elementary
Chief Joseph K-3*
Clarendon Regional Early Learning Academy*
Duniway Elementary
Faubion K-8*
Grout Elementary
Harrison Park K-8
James John*
Kelly Elementary
King Elementary
Lane Middle School
Lewis Elementary
Maplewood Elementary
Markham Elementary
Marysville K-8
Ockley Green Middle School*
Peninsula Elementary
Pioneer Annex
Rieke Elementary
Rosa Parks*
Sabin Elementary*
Sitton Elementary*
Stephenson Elementary
Woodmere Elementary*

East Multnomah County Schools

Glenfair Elementary
Mill Park Elementary
Prescott Elementary
Shaver Elementary
West Powellhurst Elementary
Wilkes Elementary

Yamhill County Schools

Columbus Elementary
Memorial Elementary
Newby Elementary
Patton Middle School

Our Teachers

View a list of our partner teachers here.

*Denotes a Shadow-designed SuperSensory Literacy Space—unique, compact, multi-sensory libraries which provide students a place to read, take tests, de-escalate, select fidgets, access audiobooks, and have a timed sensory break. Our SuperSensory Literacy spaces are supported in part by a grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust.