Schools We Serve

The Shadow Project Classroom DemographicsIn 2016-17, The Shadow Project is serving a record 1,600 students in 36 schools in the Portland-area, and McMinnville. Our current schools are:

Portland Public Schools

Abernathy Elementary
Astor K-8
Bridger K-8*
Buckman Elementary
Capitol Hill Elementary
Chief Joseph K-3*
Clarendon Regional Early Learning Academy*
Duniway Elementary
Faubion K-8*
Grout Elementary
Harrison Park K-8
James John*
Kelly Elementary
King Elementary
Lewis Elementary
Maplewood Elementary
Markham Elementary
Marysville K-8
Ockley Green Middle School*
Peninsula Elementary
Pioneer Annex
Rieke Elementary
Rosa Parks*
Sitton Elementary*
Stephenson Elementary*
Woodmere Elementary*
Woodstock Elementary                           

East Multnomah County Schools

Glenfair Elementary
Prescott Elementary
Shaver Elementary
Wilkes Elementary

Yamhill County Schools

Columbus Elementary
Duniway Middle School
Memorial Elementary
Newby Elementary
Patton Middle School

*Denotes a SuperSensory Literacy Space—unique, compact, multi-sensory libraries which provide students a place to read, take tests, de-escalate, select fidgets, access audiobooks, and have a timed sensory break. Our SuperSensory Literacy spaces are supported in part by a grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust.